Go beyond recruitment marketing to reputation marketing. Your employer brand becomes a personal story that grows awareness, attraction, and retention of talent for every role. 

Traditional recruitment marketing only works when talent is looking for you. Merit’s reputation marketing platform creates relevant employee stories that go looking for students while they’re still forming their opinions about jobs and employers — and before they commit to your competitors.

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Million Student Merit Pages
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Build Affinity Early

Don’t wait for college fairs and hiring deadlines to make an impression with target talent. Merit lets you develop early affinities with students as far back as high school and hometowns, while they’re imagining their career dreams. Shape their future paths—and your role in building them—by sharing stories of people who succeed at your company.

Nurture Your Pipeline

Your interns, co-ops, even summer hires represent opportunities to fill future roles. Get regular updates about their accomplishments and activities at school, follow their success, and congratulate them for their achievements. You’ll be top of mind with not just them, but all of their reputation networks.

Public, Portable, Dynamic Pages

Don’t rely on static landing pages, or employer profiles that are trapped in a closed environment. Your public Merit pages dynamically adjust to reflect the networks, interests, and profiles of every visitor. That relevance drives results in ways that one-size-fits-all solutions can’t do.