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Merit announces direct audience targeting to boost traffic to college marketing assets

Merit, the most widely-adopted Reputation Marketing solution in higher education, announces the release of features that drive more engaged, influential audience traffic to colleges’ most important enrollment asset: their own website.

The new features allow college marketing teams to direct interest generated in social and conventional media to relevant, targeted pages on their sites. For the first time, higher ed marketers can quickly transform static content into personalized and relevant media that captures audience interest, supporting enrollment and retention goals.

“Merit turns everyday content into word-of-mouth marketing on steroids,” said Colin Mathews, founder and president of the company. “Now we’re moving that conversation to where it’s most valuable to our college clients.”

Merit combines the best traits of paid media (scale, frequency, and reach) and earned media (engagement, trustworthiness, and reputation). The software generates measurable, valuable engagement and affinity with customer brands.

A webinar with a full overview of the new features is available at