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Merit client roster continues to grow; new college partners announced

Colleges and universities across the country are continuing their rapid adoption of Merit, which makes it easy for institutions to connect personal stories of student success and achievement to critical groups of stakeholders. Merit recently added Alma College, Augustana University, Community College of Beaver County, Kennesaw State University, Spartanburg Methodist College, Southern Vermont College, and the University of Alabama to its roster of 250+ institutions.

“Higher education continues to face challenges combatting negative public perceptions about the worth of college and those institutions need to find creative ways of reminding key stakeholders that students are having compelling, meaningful experiences on their campuses,” said Amy Mengel, Merit’s vice president of marketing. “These institutions are turning to Merit because it’s an easy way to take the everyday milestones and activities of students and turn them into powerful stories of success, and then ensure that those stories reach the right audiences,” Mengel said.