The Merit Page is the only collaboratively updated profile that helps people and institutions work together to build reputations by documenting, sharing, and promoting positive outcomes


The great thing about Merit is that it was set up for me, by Georgia Tech. The experience of college really adds up when you see it in one place. LinkedIn is great to make connections, but my Merit page is great for advertising myself and my accomplishments when applying for jobs.

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A Merit page is a résumé that builds itself. An affiliated institution — like a college — creates Merit pages for each of its students. The college and students then collaboratively update the page with academic, and co-curricular programs, showcasing every person’s unique experience.

Awards and Honors

When institutions update the Merit pages of their students or members with verified honors and awards, those updates are shared with Merit’s network of stakeholders in each person’s community — people who can help broker connections when they know about someone’s success.

Activities and Affiliation

Each person can add their own activities to their Merit page to demonstrate their involvement, in addition to what’s added to their page by an institution. Multiple institutions can contribute content to a person’s Merit page — it’s the only federated profile that showcases success across organizations and shares those outcomes.

Work Experience

Employers use Merit to promote talented interns and new hires. The employer’s brand and a description of the role are posted to individuals’ Merit pages and shared with the Merit network, to build early affinity for companies by showcasing the people who work there. Colleges can also capture alumni outcomes via Merit.