University of Iowa students use Merit to build a robust online presence for employers

University of Iowa students sprucing up their résumé in the hunt for summer jobs should not overlook a free online tool provided by the university to help them track and promote their accomplishments.

More than 3.8 million students and alumni at more than 250 colleges and universities nationwide have created a Merit Page, a personalized web page listing their school achievements and work activities. These profiles differ from résumés and online services such as LinkedIn in that the student’s university can add achievements, awards, and other accolades to the student’s profile, effectively verifying the accomplishments.

Angi McKie, senior director of operations at the Pomerantz Career Center, says it’s important for students to keep track of their accomplishments.

“Students do so much during college that they may overlook but that are really valuable experiences to showcase their abilities when it comes time to apply for internships and positions post-graduation,” she says.

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