We’re proud of the work we do and want you to be proud to work with us. Working at Merit means that you’ll be treated as a peer and a grownup, someone able and trusted to use your talents and good judgement to help us thrive. You can check out our employee handbook if you’d like to see how we manage ourselves and our business, or you can get in touch if you want to be part of our team.

Open Positions

Junior Client Success Manager

We're hiring a junior person to support Merit's Client Success team. This is a terrific opportunity for someone to learn and grow their role at an unusually good place to work. First we’ll describe what our Client Success group does, then we’ll outline what we mean by a  “junior” person and what that person can expect from Merit.   Merit is marketing software that we sell to colleges and universities. It’s a solution that makes influential audiences want to read…

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