Scot Rutledge

Merit is by far one of the best solutions for education and higher ed.

Buffy Lockette

The Office of Public Relations is charged with building JSU’s brand and reputation by promoting stories about student success. Merit measurably increases our ability to share student news and achievements to key stakeholders and influencers in a fraction of the time.

Hannah Wallace

Can I tell you, Merit is the best. You have superior customer service, make things easy, and the Merit software is so easy to use. There’s nothing you haven’t thought of.

Hannah WallaceMississippi College
Jim Stellar

Merit is quickly becoming a critical strategy for how we tell the story of our institution. Our students are doing amazing things and we want to ensure that our most important audiences are hearing about their accomplishments. With Merit, we can clearly demonstrate what it means to be part of a comprehensive public research university community.

Jim Stellar, ProvostUniversity at Albany
Jeff Harmon

One of the best things for SEMO is that Merit helps us automate a lot of the processes of getting our brand and our students successes out in front of their own constituents, their own families, their own communities. That’s great for us and recruiting, and also great for the students and their families. I think they are really proud of it.

Jeff Harmon, Executive Director of University Communications & MarketingSoutheast Missouri State University

By using Merit, in just one year we reached more than 1,800 newspapers. We couldn’t have imagined doing that before. Just 34 Merit stories generated 6,500+ press releases and let us publicly recognize tens of thousands of students.


Getting notifications of awards for our alumni is a valuable aspect of Merit — it is hard to rely on alumni to share their good news with us. Merit has a clean look and is easy to navigate. We put the information into our newsletters and other communications.


Merit has opened our eyes to so many new opportunities to highlight the students, their accomplishments, and their community involvement efforts. We have a limited marketing budget and staff, but Merit has helped SAU get priceless publicity. Thank you Merit!

Aaron Street – SAU13

Overall, Merit A.I. is wonderful! At a huge university, things can slip through the cracks, and by using our own RSS feeds on college or school websites within the university’s main web domain, we can pick up on student achievements that we might not otherwise have known about.


Merit is awesome! Their customer service runs circles around other companies. Can’t thank them enough.


We have a huge online program, with students from every state except for two. Before Merit, there was just no way to reach that far. For us to be able to recognize all our students in their hometowns is huge. The exposure that comes with that is just not something we’d be able to get in other ways.

Juanita Lee Headshot

I enjoy using Merit and seeing all the success we are having with it.


My phone is ringing off the hook from legislators who have received Merit emails about students in their districts. I LOVE getting our student accomplishments in front of lawmakers, especially in the face of dwindling public support for education.


I LOVE using Merit AI! We already spend so much time crafting Achievers stories for our students across campus, but we don’t have the bandwidth to turn each story into an individual hometown press release. Merit does that for you and it’s SO easy to send them. It really makes the ROI so much higher on the stories you are already writing.

Hope Buckner

This is really cool… I have a couple of seniors who are applying to Knox, and this is exactly why. You care about your students! This makes me really happy — Thank you!


Merit helps us build relationships with our students. The students get the sense that, “Oh, LMU cares about me because they sent me this notification.” It’s gratifying to look at the reports and see how many local newspapers I’m reaching.


Merit is an invaluable way for our school to follow and promote achievements of our alumni. Sharing these stories of alumni success can inspire our current students to achieve, and it helps our school demonstrate our role in positive outcomes.

NBRW Princ26p   Ben McMurray, The New Principal Of Ottawa Hills Jr/Sr. High School, At The School In Ottawa Hills, Ohio On August 19, 2009. The Blade/Jetta Fraser

When a Merit email pops up in the inbox, it is immediately copied and pasted into next week’s ‘College News’ column of our paper.

CynthiaPrairie ChesterTelegraph

Merit gives us the opportunity to reach a wider audience in an efficient manner.


The great thing about Merit is they listen to our needs and react effectively.”


Merit has truly transformed our PR office and we are so grateful for the help you and your team have provided along the way. It’s a pleasure working with you all!

Abby White

Merit has been one of the best and most effective tools we have for engaging and supporting student success as well as promoting the full college experience. Despite budget cuts, we have fought to keep Merit in our communication arsenal because of its importance to strategic goals. In my 23 years as a marketing director, I have found no communication tool more powerful and impressive than Merit.


The comprehensive reporting built right into Merit makes it easy to report our Merit success to the campus!

Michael Silverthorn