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Scalably demonstrate to legislators how your college is impacting students from their districts


Merit makes it easy for your institution to inform government representatives of the activities and accomplishments of students on your campus from their districts.

More than 320 colleges use Merit to deliver the success stories of every student to their state representatives. Effectively scale your outreach and reiterate your impact.

Reinforce your institution's value by constantly showcasing to legislators the achievements and milestones of their constituents, such as:

  • Academic honors (like dean's or chancellor's list)

  • Scholarship, leadership, athletics

  • Community service, research, internships

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Merit's state relations dashboard gives you visibility into current students, by district, and their campus achievements

See how many and which of your current students are from each representative's district


Discover how many Merit updates about student accomplishments your institution has sent to each rep


Identify potential students to highlight for lobby days and outreach


View each student's thumbnail to see specific accomplishments they've been recognized for via Merit



"My phone is ringing off the hook from legislators who have received Merit emails about students in their districts. I LOVE getting our student accomplishments in front of lawmakers, especially in the face of dwindling support for education."

Gwen Larson 
Emporia State University

Distribute thousands of notifications of student achievement, customized for each rep featuring only students from their district


Merit easily personalizes stories about a few, a dozen, or hundreds of students, and matches those stories to the correct legislator in minutes

State reps receive emails about specific students from their district and their accomplishments on your campus

Lawmakers are constantly informed of the impact your institution is having on their constituents


"Our office truly appreciates the work done to keep us notified of our constituents' academic successes, thank you! We love what you do for the community!

Amanda Robertson 
Chief of Staff, Rep. Craig Goldman, Texas House District 97

Elected officials can automatically congratulate constituents on their campus accomplishments right within Merit

Watch the video to see how easy it is for state legislators to send a note of congratulations to students